How to choose positive or negative boundaries with your children

    How many times has your child thrown a fit at a store because you did not buy them what they wanted? Maybe your child does not react loudly and with obstinacy but instead shows total disinterest in friends, … Continue reading

Top 4 Triggers of Stress in our Children – When is stress a symptom of a bigger problem?

  A packed schedule, a messy house, arguing parents, forgotten homework, the newest trend, these are all things that can create anxiety in your child. Seeing new behaviors such as increased irritability, loss of appetite, inability to sleep, clinginess, or … Continue reading

Why is Low Self-Esteem so common in our kids?

Self-Esteem and the Disconnected child We have been blessed to work with hundreds of kids, from 4-22, and their parents.  There is one area of concern that comes up in our first conversation with parents approximately 75% of the time … Continue reading

Is your child at risk for depression?

The hemispheres in our brain play a key role in our emotions and moods.  If the left hemisphere is underactivated or has been damaged due to injury, people will be depressed, have no drive and generally feel miserable. Even minor … Continue reading